We Stand Together
​Against Intolerance

Rally embraces tolerance as Trump takes office  (ManchesterJournal)

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STAND UP To HATE is a movement born from the uncertainty of the post November 8, 2016 world, of the need to protect all US citizens from violence and bullying in the current "political" climate of the United States of America.  Make no mistake about it, minority communities have always been subject to such risks in our country but, until recently, positive strides had been made, new rights and liberties achieved, new levels of public acceptance and kindness beginning to take shape.

STAND UP To HATE is an organization formed with an eye towards spreading a message across the entire nation.  We The People will NOT tolerate the bullying and targeting of minority populations of any type.  We stand prepared to walk in solidarity with any and all aggrieved populations, we will call out bullying when we see it, we will quite simply, stand shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand with any and all victims or potential victims of bullying and intolerance-based violence.

We will STAND UP. Together as American citizens. Our solidarity is our greatest strength.

By proudly displaying our bumper stickers, buttons, shirts and yard signs, we will spread this message  of strength and support, that we march forward together on a mission to promote peace, tolerance and understanding across all races, religions, sexual orientations and gender. 

   One of the founding moments of our project came when we searched for a bumper sticker message that spoke to the new reality we find ourselves in and found nothing that said what we needed to say.  That's when we knew we had to make our own.
    In order to best spread our nationwide message of solidarity, we both sell our stickers AND give them away for free.  Free stickers are limited to two per person.  If you can afford to pay ​for your stickers though, we do appreciate the support.  These stickers, as well as our other products,  cost  precious funds to produce.
Step 1- Spread the Message
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