Our Mission- Standing Up
For Freedom, Justice and Peace

From MLK's Civil Rights marches, to the Stonewall Gay Pride demonstrations, Muslim-Americans beset by anti-terrorism ignorance and the fights of undocmented immigrants for a path to citizenship, the struggle for equal rights, justice and respect for all minority groups has been ongoing for years and years, throughout so much of American history.

Like so many people I know as well as fellow Americans whose blog posts and e-mails I've read, I was riddled with anxiety in the early morning hours of November 9 and spent most of those hours tossing and turning miserably.​

Although we may not officially yet know what the trump towers presidency will actually look like, the experience of his candidacy was, without doubt, the most divisive we have ever seen, with his gross mis-characterizations of Mexican immigrants, threats of religious profiling of current Muslim- Americans and future Muslim immigrants, an obvious history and record of mistreating women, and a near-constant display of vulgar disregard for what we all consider to be the fundamental decency and responsible manner of behavior we have come to expect from our leaders.  His entire candidacy put his  unprecedented hate-filled, bullying manner of dealing with  individuals who disagree with him, or intolerance for those who, in any way, are different from him (race, religion, gender, politics), on display for the whole world to see.

It was every single one of these thoughts and a singular overriding understanding of the ignorant, reckless, boorishness of the most inexperienced major party candidate in US history actually being in charge of the most powerful nation on earth for four years that filled me with fear, loathing, disgust, disbelief  and anxiety that night.

But something shifted within me that morning, somewhere in those dark morning hours.  I came to the simple conclusion that I could not and would not succumb to the extraordinarily strong downspiral of misery that was riddling me, body and soul, and that threatened to darken my days and my entire outlook for the foreseeable future.  I would wake up the next day, I promised myself, and go to work in the morning with my head held high, be the best person I could be, be a conduit for positive energy for everyone around me in order to  stand strong against the negative forces threatening so many of our nation's values that are now so imperiled in this disturbing "new" world in which we find ourselves, where speaking and behaving hatefully, boorishly and flat-out ignorantly does not disqualify someone from consideration for the U.S. Presidency. 

Incidents of intolerance against Latinos, Muslims, members of the LGBT community, and all persons of color had already risen over the course of this past year due to  trump's mainstreaming of hateful and divisive rhetoric, Anectodal evidence of an increase in schoolyard and classroom bullying that mirrored trump's nightly bullying presence on all of our television screens has swept through the educational community. There can be no doubt  that trump's campaign of hate and ignorance has emboldened the most virulently bigoted individuals among us, riled up the most suggestible citizens who had, apparently, already been harboring resentments against our nation's many minority members.  

GIven these facts, despite all the liberties and values soon to be challenged under a trump presidency (First Amendment free speech, freedom of the press, civil rights for all peoples, environmental protection and more), it did not take me long to conclude that our first priority needs to be protecting the various groups of people who have been and increasingly will be persecuted simply for their skin color, country of origin, religion, "religious appearance" or sexual orientation.

Although many, even some prominent progressives, have asked us all to give the President-Elect  a chance to lead, to prove himself, we have no guarantee whatsoever  (and there is an extremely low probability, given past behavior and rhetoric) that this ranting, mono-syllabic demagogue will have any interest whatsoever in concerning himself with the rights of all Americans of all races, religions, genders and sexual orientation to live their day to day lives with that peace and dignity that are guaranteed all citizens under the Constitution of the United States.

STAND UP To HATE is a movement born from the uncertainty of the post November 8, 2016 world, of the need to protect all US citizens from violence and bullying in this current version of America.  Make no mistake about it, minority communities have always been subject to such risks in our country but, until recently,  positive strides had been made, new legal rights and liberties achieved, new levels of public acceptance and kindness beginning to take shape.
If the government will not stand up to protect its own  people from hateful bullying and violence, we, the people will.  Stand up my friends. Now is the time.  We stand together.​​